The specific wraparound mortgage definition and terms are specified in the form of a secured promissory note. Because it can be tricky to wrap one's head.

A wraparound mortgage is a type of financing where a borrower receives a second mortgage to guarantee the payments on a first mortgage.

wraparound mortgage definition: See wraparound loan..

Wrap-around mortgages are home purchase funding options where lenders assume mortgage notes on sellers’ existing loans. The wrap-around agreement is an addendum to the purchase agreement with many online templates available to create legally binding wrap-around agreements. Not all states allow them.

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A wraparound mortgage (also called a mortgage wrap) is a special form of seller financing. It provides property sellers and buyers with an alternative to the traditional property sale. These mortgages are a legal form of seller financing in Texas and are often favored in situations where a buyer may not be able to obtain a favorable form of traditional financing from a bank or other lending institution.

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Learn definitions to common mortgage terminology and get detailed explanations of each term and how they relate to various aspects. Wraparound mortgage.

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A wrap around mortgage is defined as a process where the seller and the buyer agree to use the existing loan in the new purchase. The buyer assumes the loan from the seller and continues payments on the old loan. The buyer pays an interest rate that is based on the difference between the old interest rate and new loan interest rates.

: a mortgage having an interest rate which is usually initially lower than that of a mortgage with a fixed rate but which is adjusted periodically according to an index (as the cost of funds to the lender)